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The Students United 2019 Advocacy Conference will consist of multiple breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and trainings. Students will have an opportunity to hear from elected officials, higher education experts from Washington D.C., speakers who are experts in their field and student leaders who are doing amazing advocacy work. The sessions will focus on key aspects of advocacy including — leadership, higher education policy issues, effective advocacy, and developing advocacy skills.

This conference will be at St. Paul College on Saturday February 23rd, starting at 11:30am, and will end on Sunday February 24th at 4pm. 

See what the weekend’s schedule will be.

Click here for the full speaker list Speaker List.

established in 1967, students united is an independent, non-profit organization funded and operated by students. students united serves over 65,000 students attending minnesota's seven state universities: bemidji, mankato, metropolitan (st. paul/minneapolis), moorhead, st. cloud, southwest (marshall) and winona.

students united has been a strong voice for state university students on the campus, system, state and federal levels for over 40 years. we are recognized by the minnesota state colleges and universities board of trustees as the sole representative of state university students in minnesota, and work on a variety of issues at several levels.