All advocacy work Students United does is because students first said it was important. Our Student Platform is a document produced by the students, for the students. At every April Delegates Assembly, students review and edit the platform to ensure the document stays updated to match issues and view of current students. 


minnesota state

Minnesota State, formerly known as Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system, comprises 31 colleges and universities, including 24 two-year colleges and seven state universities. Minnesota State is funded by appropriations granted by the Minnesota Legislature.

The combined system is governed by the Board of Trustees, a 15-member body that includes one state university student, one community college student and one technical college student.  These three voting positions were permanently established by the 1994 Legislature as a result of cooperative efforts between Students United and the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA). 

Students United needs student representation at Minnesota State committee meetings. Students are the voice for Students United on important issues. Also, Students United will provide background information and staff support for the meetings so students have the tools they need to be a strong voice. Come back soon for an updated list of committees that you will have an opportunity to apply for. 



One of Students United's primary roles is to represent our students at the Minnesota Legislature and facilitate advocacy and participation in the legislative process.  We meet with legislators, and are asked to testify at the Legislature on a variety of issues, such as financial aid, student debt, and the current condition of public higher education.  

We support policies that improve and protect affordability, quality, and access for our students.  Policies set by the Legislature affect nearly every aspect of the campus community, ranging from tuition rates and financial aid, to health and security on campus.  Throughout each legislative session, Students United monitors all higher education related activity in the Legislature.

Get Involved!

If you are concerned about the decline in state funding for education, rising tuition and fees, expensive textbooks, out-of-date campus facilities and declining financial aid... Get Involved!

Getting involved in Students United's legislative advocacy is not only a way to actually make a difference, it can help build your knowledge, skills and experience in government and policy.


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Students United works to influence higher education policy initiatives at the federal level.  Students go to Washington D.C. at least once each year to discuss many issues, ranging from campus security to financial aid with federal lawmakers and staff, as well as other organizations.  Federal student aid programs controlled by Congress include the Pell Grant program, Parental Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), the Perkins and Stafford Loan programs, and the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Students are also involved in the decision making process by writing emails and making phone calls to members of Congress.

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Most of our federal advocacy is done through emails and phone calls to members of Congress.  Click here to sign up so you receive our action alerts and keep updated on issues.