alumni award nominations

The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding state university graduate who provides a great benefit to the community. The award is given in recognition of outstanding professional, volunteer or personal accomplishments. From the nominees submitted, one recipient will be chosen by the Students United Scholarship and Alumni Advisory Board. The winner will be notified and invited to speak at the Students United 50th Anniversary Gala on November 17th.



To be eligible for nomination the nominee must:

Have graduated from one of the seven Minnesota State Universities, and

Have prior Students United (MSUSA) involvement (e.g. Officer, Board Member, Campus Committee Member, Delegate, or other involvement)

Please note: any person may nominate a candidate OR a candidate may nominate him or herself


The 2017 Alumni Award Nominations are now open and due by October 1st! 

past Students United Outstanding Alumni Award Winners.

Tony Rust, 2012

Tim Huebsch, 2013

Kara Brockett, 2014

Brad Krasaway, 2015

Brent Glass, 2016


The Students United Outstanding Alumni Award was established in 2012 to honor the memory of Andrea Ruesch who passed away in 2009 at the age of 37. Andrea Ruesch graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1995, was Students United State Chair during 1994-95 and also served as Students United Director of Development during 1999-2002.  Her enthusiasm, skills and professionalism made a lasting, positive contribution to Students United.