Our 2017 State Legislative Agenda

Recognizing low tuition as the best form of financial aid, we support the Minnesota State Legislature honoring their appropriations commitment to fund 67% of the cost of public postsecondary education

We are urging the state legislative to honor their commitment to fund 67% public postsecondary education. Currently, they fund it at 47%. As stated in 135A.01 FUNDING POLICY.

"It is the policy of the legislature to provide stable funding for public postsecondary institutions and that the state and students share the cost of public postsecondary education. The legislature intends to provide at least 67 percent of the combined revenue from tuition, the university fee at the University of Minnesota, and state general fund appropriations to public postsecondary institutions. It is also the policy of the legislature that the budgetary process serves to support high quality public postsecondary education."

Students United supports increased funding for the State Grant for state university students

State Grants help students from low- and moderate- income families pay for educational expenses at eligible Minnesota colleges or universities. The Minnesota State Grant program reduces the need for students to borrow. Furthermore, the Living and Miscellaneous Expense (LME) Allowance used in the calculation of Minnesota State Grants recognizes the costs associated with attending college, such as room, board, and books. 

Students United supports efforts to increase retention at the state universities.

Retention is an issue Minnesota State, universities and students are all concerned with. Students United currently has a campaign focused on increasing retention.  

Students United supports Minnesota State’s Capital Budget and Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) project request 

In addition to HEAPR funding, state universities have five projects on the priority list from Minnesota State. 

  • Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) Statewide $116,600,000 
  • #6  Bemidji State University Academic Learning Center & campus renovation and Hagg-Sauer demolition $20,842,000
  • #9 Winona State University Education Village Phase II Renovation $28,019,000 
  • #10 St. Cloud State University Student Health & Academic renovation $20,568,000 
  • #11 Minnesota State University, Mankato Clinical Sciences Phase 2 $7,442,000 
  • #15 Minnesota State University Moorhead Weld Hall Renovation $822,000 

What to come to the State Capitol and help us advocate for students? Our Advocacy Day is February 16, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of System and Government Relations Sarah Berns