Treasurer's Highlights of Fall Semester

working to implement student initiatives

One of the things I've always enjoyed about Students United is that it is student-led. The initiatives come from the students and tap into current concerns and needs. One of the largest and most active statewide university student associations in the country, and continuing to take the lead.


working on improving the organization

This year one of my goals was to really review our governing documents, especially our financial policies and procedures. Working with the executive director, we've managed to provide recommendations to make our policies updated and simpler. Additionally, we've really tried to ensure the board and the students have a much more informed understanding of our finances and budget.


working with other student leaders

Being able to work with the university student presidents on the board, and the active student leaders from each campus, is one of the things I've enjoyed the most. Seeing so many different people with different backgrounds and ideas come together to work for the same goal - advocating for and improving the lives of university students - is very reassuring and very rewarding.


working with my fellow officers

The State Chair and State Vice Chair are two people that I am glad to call friends, and being able to work with them is a privilege and a treat. Both Joe and Dylan are dedicated and awesome individuals and I look forward to seeing where we go in the months ahead.


working with the staff

All of the previous highlights couldn't happen without our amazing staff I've had the pleasure to get to know them and see their commitment and enthusiasm for their work. We are very fortunate to have the people we do, and I try to take the opportunity to let them know how appreciated they are and how amazing their work is.