Announcing the 2016 Penny Program Award Winners

This fall the Penny Program was able to give out $24,500 to 15 students. These students showed a commitment to service, leadership, and their communities. 


  • Salado Mohamed, St. Cloud State University

  • Erin DeMaria, MSU Moorhead

  • Heather Helm, St. Cloud State University

  • Priyanka Lamichhane, St. Cloud State University

  • Rahil Pereira, MSU Moorhead

  • Gulmira Fazilova, MSU Mankato 

Penny Scholarship Award Winners - $1,500  

  • Shanika Egodwatte, MSU Mankato

  • Katherine Jensen, Metro State

  • Saad Janjua, MSU Moorhead

  • Kassandra Klasen, St. Cloud State University

  • Tobi Oluwagbemi, St. Cloud State University

  • Jacquline Parker, MSU Mankato

  • Morgan Ostien, Metro State University

Penny State Fellowship Award Winners - $2,500

  • Nelsie Yang, MSU Mankato

  • Choukue Songmung, Metro State

The Penny Program began in 1987 awarding students through scholarships and fellowships, allowing students to have life-changing experiences in local, state, and federal levels. 

The purpose of the Barbara J. Penny Community Service Scholarship is to recognize Minnesota State college and university students who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and to promote their growth as community leaders.

The purpose of the Timothy J. Penny State Public Service Fellowship is to provide Minnesota State College and University students with the financial opportunity to grow as public servants through participation in state or local government internships.  

The next deadline to apply for the Penny Program is April 1st. Click here for more information on the Penny Program. 

Carlee Diggins