Meet Three of our Organizing Interns

This year, Students United was able to hire its team of Organizing Interns at a record speed. This is the first year we have finished the hiring process before the academic year has even begun. We didn't just hire seven Organizing Interns, we hired seven fantastic, talented students that have a passion for advocating on behalf of their fellow students on their respective campuses. We look forward to the work these students will do in the up and coming year. Here are three of our Organizing Interns, keep an eye out for the next blog with our other four!

Bemidji State University | Galen 


I'm Galen Hlavsa, and I am a Junior this year at Bemidji State University! I am a Business Administration Major with an Emphasis in Marketing, as well as a Political Science Major. I got involved with Students United through Student Senate during my fall/spring semester of my sophomore year when I attended one of the delegate meetings, and I wanted to continue to become more involved ever since! Other things that I am/have been involved with on campus is Student Senate, Society of Human Resource Management, Business Club, and I was an Orientation Leader for incoming freshman last year as well as this upcoming school year.

Some interesting facts about me I guess is that I am Minnesota born, lived in California for 7 years, and then came back to finish out High School and College. The funny thing when I tell people that though is that I prefer Minnesota MUCH more than California, and plan on staying after college. My hobbies include golfing, fishing, working out, video games, and enjoying the company of my friends!

Southwest Minnesota State University | David

I'm David, an international student from Lagos, Nigeria. I major in Mathematics and minor in Computer science at Southwest Minnesota State University and I'm a sophomore. I'm a friendly person and I am active on my campus. I like being asked questions and soccer is my hobby. I am very excited to meet everyone this job connects me with and I hope to have a good time.

Winona State University | Ashlyn 


I am Ashlyn Crawford, a Senior at Winona State University where I have a Paralegal major and minor in Intercultural Communications

Last year I had the opportunity to work as the Diversity Specialist for my University. The former Diversity Specialist told me about the job and suggested I apply. Serving as the Diversity Specialist made my passion for helping and advocating for students stronger and so I applied for the Campus Organizing Intern position. The relationships and experiences from last year motivated me to be a part of this again. Iā€™m happy to be here.

Other Things I am involved with at school are I am the President of Women Of Color Association (W.O.C.A), and Captain of Hip Hop Team at Winona State.

I worked for the State of Minnesota over the summer, I won a Leslie Knope award at Spring Delegates, My least favorite color is Blue, I have a very strong obsession with Turtles.