Seven Pieces of Advice for Students from Seven Universities

Here are seven pieces of advice as you start a new academic year:

  1. Get Involved: getting involved on your campus is a great way to make friends and make your college experience more meaningful. Learn how to get involved with Students United on your campus by clicking here
  2. Meet New PeopleCollege is place with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people, try new things, and create new memories
  3. Find the Free Stuff: College is full of opportunities to get free pizza, t-shirts, or pens by simply stopping by a table or attending an event. Make sure you are on the lookout for free Students United swag!
  4. Pledge to Vote: A great part about being an adult is having a say in who represents you. Make the pledge to vote today, by clicking here, or visit a Students United Campus Committee table on your campus to pledge your vote and receive an important election day reminder
  5. Recognize When You Need HelpConfused with classes? There are plenty of resources available on your campuses so utilize them! Go to your advisor, get a tutor, or visit your professors during their office hours
  6. Apply for Scholarships: Decrease your student debt by clicking here to check out all of Students United Scholarships! 
  7. BreatheTake time for yourself and focus on your wellbeing. Take a fitness class, practice meditation, or go to your campus' counseling services. Explore the resources you have on your campus and in your community

And here are eight alumni with their own messages to current students: