Who are we exactly?



Hopefully, our video helps you understand who we are. It is a brief 3-minute overview of who we are and how students have an opportunity to get involved. 

Although... there is more to know about us than just what is in this video. 

Our Board is unique and designed to empower students.

Not many nonprofits have a Board like ours. Our organization's mission is:

To educate and inform students about higher education issues that affect their lives as students, while providing opportunities for these students to use this knowledge to advocate on behalf of all Minnesota State University students.

With the structure of our organization, we are designed to empower our students, which is why our Board of Directors are the student body presidents from each of the seven state universities. Furthermore, our Officers are also students. Our State Chair is elected by our Board of Directors. Then, our Vice Chair and Treasurer are elected by our Delegates, who are student representatives from all seven state universities. 

This makes the voices at the very top of our organization student voices. 

We offer scholarships.

This aspect of our organization didn't make it into the video; however, this doesn't mean it is not an important part of what our organization does. 

We offer seven scholarships, which you can learn more about here.

The issues we cover expand beyond just college affordability and student debt.

Laura in our video found her way to Students United because she felt overwhelmed by the cost of college. Although college affordability is an important issue we advocate for, it isn't the only issue we advocate for. Each year, our students vote on four issue campaigns that they see as important topics Students United should focus on in the upcoming academic year.

This year the four issue campaigns were college affordability, retention, sexual violence prevention and voter outreach.  

You don't have to be a student to get involved.

Do you already know who we are? Possibly involved as a student and have since graduated. Your involvement with our organization doesn't need to stop. There are ways to be involved as Students United Alumni

Aly Hagglund