Introducing our Student Committee: Winona State Style

As an organization that is represented and run with the help of student committees within the Minnesota State Universities, we’re thrilled to introduce to you the five Winona State University student committee members of this academic year.

Ashlyn Crawford: Students United Campus Organizing Intern


Back for another round on the committee, Ashlyn is in her final year at WSU pursuing an education in Legal studies and Intercultural Communication.

Ashlyn currently has a brother in Korea whom she is anxious to have the opportunity to see again as a graduation present in the spring. Until then, she’s continuing to foster her ultimate love for turtles, and refusal to climb into bed without clean socks on… rest easy knowing the head of our WSU Students United team!

Liz Dean: Legislative Specialist

Liz is on the right

Liz is on the right


Originally from Milton, Wisconsin, Liz’s academic studies in Political Science and Spanish led her to the Legislative Specialist position as a 1st year student at WSU.

Fun Facts about Liz:

  1. She can do the Single Ladies Dance, (we’ll decide how well once we get to know her better!)
  2. She has over 100 video games and 8 consoles
  3. Her favorite move is Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase

Mandi Davidson: Public Relations Specialist


Our PR lady this year from Buffalo, Minnesota plans to live life after spring graduation in a van, traveling the country in search for adventure and respectable jobs in her area of study. She is the Godmother to two toddlers, and has a fire for politics, civil rights, and the environment. Students United Winona will be a sweet fit!

Matt Rydberg: Issues Specialist


This guy speaks elementary French, has traveled to Costa Rica and follows the Philadelphia Eagles football franchise. Matt is majoring in Advertising with a minor in Computer Technology. Born and raised in the same place as the Jesse James bank robbery, Northfield, Minnesota sent us one of our Issues Specialists for the year!

Sammy Wogensen: Issues Specialist


Our final introduction belongs to Sammy, one of our Issues Specialists who is studying Psychology and Child Advocacy, and is also a mother to two kittens. Sammy’s niches involve reading young adult novels and attending any concert she can snag tickets to.

You can meet our Winona Students United members at the upcoming Committee Team Building Retreat, or get to know them on campus and through lively campaign movements and events this year.