Secretary of State Takes on Moorhead

Work Leading Up

Last weekend I was running late to a Students United retreat in Saint Paul and randomly thought “check your email.” While in the parking lot of the Center for Business, I noticed a message from the executive assistant to Secretary of State Steve Simon. They planned to be in Moorhead the upcoming Wednesday.

I called an emergency meeting for my campus committee and they all came in thankfully on a Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t be more thankful for Alheen, David, Lexi, and Lillie for all their hard work and commitment to this event.

The Day Of: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our committee came early to set up our Students United table and get prospective student voters registered.

Once Simon came, he had a great conversation with our students on the importance of voting, focusing heavily on the importance of young voters and how much we have at stake.

The group was able to discuss the complications of registering people to vote and why people didn’t vote.

Simon addressed voting concerns and gave the students the information needed to become confident voters. 


Simon’s visit gave us the motivation to register and pledge young people to vote. I now have more confidence in reaching our committee’s goal of registering over 500 students.

Secretary of State Simon was such a great guest to have! He introduced himself to everyone and took a picture with us. He even took part in the #whyIvote campaign.


Thank you, Steve and Daniella, for taking the time to come to Moorhead and talk to our students!

Megan Warneke