Why you should serve on a Minnesota State Committee

Minnesota State, formerly known as MnSCU, System office provides several opportunities for students attending the seven state universities to get involved via councils and committees.  Theses councils and committees (Policy Council, Student Affairs, Transfer Pathways, etc.) are made up of representatives from each bargaining unit and the system.  

The members that make up the committee include, students from Students United and MSCSA, faculty and staff from the systems bargaining units, and system staff. They all bring a diverse background of knowledge and experiences to the meeting. They discuss possible changes to system-wide policies, streamlining curriculum across the system and improving technology in the classroom.

Last year, when I served as the 2015-2016 Students United Vice Chair, I was appointed to Minnesota State’s Student Affairs Council and the Faculty Development Committee.  I was surrounded by faculty members, administrators, and professional staff from all the campuses, working to find innovative ways to change and improve current student lives.  

Serving on these committees gave me the opportunity to voice student concerns and perspective to faculty and staff, and vice versa. Serving on these committees will give you a unique experience representing students and understand how decisions are made at the system level. It will also give you a valuable opportunity to meet faculty, administrators, and system office staff.

As the 2016-2017 Students United State Chair, I urge students to get involved beyond their campus.  Being a part of a Minnesota State council or committee helps make a difference for future university students.  

If you are interested and do not live close to the Twin Cities, do not worry! Minnesota State provides a virtual presence, WebEx feature, for all members. Also, we are offering a $150 stipend to students who are on Minnesota State committees.

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