A Few Words from our Fall Penny Program Recipients | Part Three

Over the past several weeks we have been posting blogs about our Penny Program recipients. Highlighted in this blog are two Barbara J. Penny Community Service Scholarship recipients Rahil Pereira and Saad Janjua. Both of the recipients have displayed great dedication to their communities during their college careers. 

Rahil Pereira

I am a sophomore at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I am an international student from India and am pursuing a double major in International Studies and Economics. I am a Resident Assistant at college and am heavily involved in community service and leadership programs that my university has to offer. I also spend a couple hours a week during the school year tutoring foreign students in English at the local elementary school. I spent fall semester studying abroad at the University of Oslo in Norway and got to travel to many countries throughout Europe. A long-term goal of mine is to live on all six habitable continents before I turn twenty-five and I am half-way to achieving it. Studying abroad was a life-changing experience. After graduating, I plan on going to graduate school in either diplomacy or economics, or maybe both! I aspire to work at United Nations or some other international governing body after I complete my education. I am grateful to have received the Barbara J. Penny scholarship. Awards like this go a long way in helping one achieve their academic goals. I hope to use the award as a stepping stone to achieve mine and make the best of it. I thank Students United for their undying support in helping students achieve their goals and guiding them in the right path towards being successful, responsible leaders of tomorrow.  

Saad Janjua

I’m Saad Janjua and I’m double majoring in International Relations and Communications at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I’m a junior and the last 3 years of my college career has tremendously helped shape my perspective. It makes me think of the world with a lens that allows me to care about people, share the sense of community, and extend my help in public service. Furthermore, it makes me appreciate life and gives a sense of contentment and satisfaction and true happiness that I’m actually making someone’s day better.

I’m originally from Pakistan and I was fortunate enough to get accepted to college in the United States. I speak 5 different languages (English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Punjabi) and in the process of learning French. I love learning new cultures and societies. I aspire to be a Foreign Service Officer for the United States one day.  Receiving the Penny Scholarship has been a highlight of my year. With the substantial and meaningful funds they provide, it greatly relieves me from the stress of paying my tuition and encourages me to do more. It makes me love serving the community and it makes me think of ideas of being more innovative and attempt to help in more meaningful ways.   

Aly Hagglund