Meet our Beavers: the BSU campus committee members

Meet our Bemidji State University campus committee members. Our campus committees are pivotal to our advocacy work. They are working on three issue campaigns this year, which are affordability, diversity & inclusion, and students success & wellness. 


Mercideze VanBruggen


Meet Mercideze VanBruggen our Campus Organizing Intern from Anoka, MN. Mercideze is a senior at Bemidji State University studying social work with a minor in chemical dependency and business administration. Mercideze has a goal to work in child protection services in the future. Her favorite color is Blue and she is a very curious person, she loves to try new things. 

Sajil Shrestha


Meet Sajil Shrestha. He is a Junior majoring in Computer Information Systems. He serves as a diversity specialist for Students United. He aims on becoming a successful businessman in the information technology field. He likes playing soccer and table tennis. Reading self-help books is his favorite thing to do during leisure. 

Michael Burgoyne


Meet Michael Burgoyne he is majoring in nursing and minoring in Public Health and Education. He enjoys watching Netflix and eating boneless wings. One of his favorite shows on Netflix is Bones. He also enjoys being outdoors.

MacKenzie Juberien


Meet MacKenzie, one of our issue specialists. MacKenzie is currently a junior studying Social Work. She hopes to work in child protection services once out of college. Her favorite color is aqua blue and her favorite food is pasta with alfredo sauce. She is currently watching Gotham on Netflix.

Emily Rapp


Meet Emily Rapp, our Issue Specialist from Cold Spring, MN. Emily is a junior at Bemidji State University and is studying Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology and Sustainability. Emily’s goal is to work within the renewable resources field post-graduation. She enjoys many varieties of hunting and fishing, and loves to explore the outdoors

Kale Hennek


Meet Kale, our Public Relations Specialist. Kale is a junior and studying Marketing Communications with a minor in Mass Communications. His goal is to make a positive impact in the world and help others. Kale loves to be outside, paint on canvas, attend music festivals, and chill with the boys.

Aly Hagglund