Meet our Warriors: the WSU campus committee members

Meet our Winona State University campus committee members. Our campus committees are pivotal to our advocacy work. They are working on three issue campaigns this year, which are affordability, diversity & inclusion, and students success & wellness. 


ivy          Kuhn

Meet Ivy our Campus Organizing Intern. Ivy is currently a junior studying criminal justice and is on the corrections path. Her favorite color is rose gold/pink and her favorite food is French fries or boneless honey barbeque wings. She’s currently watching Rick and Morty. 


Sarah   Ortega

Meet Sarah our Diversity Specialist. Sarah is a senior studying public administration. Her favorite color is mauve and favorite food is Chinese. She isn’t big into Netflix but recommends that everyone check out Blkswn by Smino on Spotify.


Samantha Wogensen

Meet Samantha one of our Issues Specialist. Sam is a senior studying psychology. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite food is cheese. She’s currently watching Quantico on Netflix.


Janae    Mann

Meet Janae our second Issues Specialist. Janae is a freshman studying marketing. Her favorite color is cerulean blue and her favorite food is chicken alfredo. She’s currently (always) watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.


Elizabeth Dean

Meet Liz our Legislative Specialist. Liz is a sophomore studying political science. Liz’s favorite colors are watercolors and her favorite food is seafood and sushi. She’s forever watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix.


Lea         Steele

Meet Lea our PR Specialist. Lea is a senior studying public relations. Her favorite color is blue and favorite food is Thanksgiving dinner, especially the mashed potatoes. She’s currently re-watching The Office on Netflix.

Aly Hagglund