Kongressional Kahoot: Pizza, Prizes & Politics on the WSU Campus

written by | Lea Steele


Pizza, prizes, politics. That was the theme for the first Kongressional Kahoot. Kongressional Kahoot is an event that will be held a few times throughout the semester with each event having a different topic of focus.

Kahoot is an online game where the host creates a series of questions and multiple choice answers. People can join the game by entering the unique-to-every-game code from their phone or laptop. The first topic was all about congress which may sound a little boring to some but our Legislative Specialist, Liz, put together intriguing questions that were about who is a part of congress.

Winona State University campus committee members

Winona State University campus committee members


Many of the students who came to the event didn’t know that 20% of Congress identify as female but that 50% of the U.S. population identifies as female.

This event was a great opportunity for Winona State students to learn about who really makes up congress and represents them. It’s important for students to know who’s working on their behalf at the federal level. A lot of times people don’t know what Congress really is or what they really do. Kongressional Kahoot is a fun way for students to learn more about what they do and learn the basics about Congress. Our committee looks forward to teaching our students more with other Kongressional Kahoot events.



Aly Hagglund