Scholarship Applications Open!

Scholarship applications are open and due April 1st! If you have applied for a scholarship in the past, this year may look a little different with a new deadline and new scholarships.

our scholarships include:

  • Timothy J. Penny Public Service State Fellowship

  • Timothy J. Penny Public Service Federal Fellowship

  • Barbara J. Penny Community Service Scholarship

  • Jared P. Stene (JPS) Student Leadership Scholarship

  • Hull Educational Foundation Scholarship

  • Friends Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Pegues Scholarship Matching Program for Students of Color

  • Robert L. Carothers Distinguished Student Writers Award

For more information and to apply, go to Each week we will be posting a blog about each program. You can also listen to our podcast here: 


Our committees are also tabling on each campus to provide more information and assist to students. When you see them, make sure to stop by and say hi! They are there to help with anything you need regarding the scholarship application process. 

For questions please contact Carlee Diggins, Director of Programs and Alumni Outreach for Students United, at