Advocacy Day 2017 is Just Around the Corner

what is advocacy day?

Once a year, we bring together students from all seven Minnesota state universities to discuss with legislators on issues and/or policies that students decide are most important to them. We provide students with a training the night prior so they are knowledgeable on our state legislative agenda. 

On Advocacy Day, students are separated into their lobbying groups by university. These groups then talk with the legislators from their university's district and their hometowns. 

why is it important?

Advocacy Day gives students the opportunity to talk with legislators and address topics, such as college affordability, retention, and bonding projects on university campuses. Face-to-face advocating is a powerful tool, as it connects students' faces and stories to the higher education policies that our legislators make decisions on each year.

watch for more information!

Interested in Advocacy Day, and want more information? Watch this quick five-minute video to learn more about how you can help advocate on higher education issues. 

Any questions regarding Advocacy Day can be directed to our Director of System and Government Relations, Sarah Berns, at