Strategic Plan: Scholarships


Our strategic plan has five areas that our organization see as essential to our success  and that also have room for growth: Advocacy, Alumni, Scholarship Programs, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Process Improvements. To better understand our plan and the work we will embark on over the next three years, we are breaking down each of the strategic plan areas into a series of blogs. 



Elevate the status of Students United scholarships to the level of university scholarships.

There are four objectives under our scholarship programming area:

  1. Increase applicant numbers by 10% each year through the duration of the plan.

  2. Create an alumni and scholarship board within the first year this plan is implemented.

  3. Increase fundraising/donation numbers each year by a minimum of 5%.

  4. Create a sense of community for scholarship recipients. 

Our scholarship programs offered to students has over doubled in the past year, and we want to make sure they are a continued focus for the organization. Last year, we gave over $50,000 to students in the form of scholarships. As can be seen in our goal and objectives, Students United hopes to continue a steady positive growth of its scholarship programs through the duration of this strategic plan. We are currently offering seven scholarships that students can apply for. The full list of scholarships can be found here

If you have questions regarding our scholarship programs, please contact Carlee Diggins, our Director of Programs and Alumni Outreach, at

Aly Hagglund