Meet our Communications Intern Kailyn Prein



I’m a Junior at St. Cloud State University, with a major in public relations with a minor in marketing, and I hope to graduate Spring of 2019.  I am so excited to be a part of Students United as their Communications Intern this fall semester!

Before attending St. Cloud State I lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin a small town just south of Madison.  I decided on St. Cloud State with an intended major of Criminal Justice, I realized that field was not for me, switched my major a couple times before deciding what I actually wanted to be doing was communications.  I decided on public relations because I’ve always been interested in how social media shares what organizations and companies are doing. With that I’m excited to be able to do that for Students United this semester!

When I’m not interning, a hobby I have is photography, while I haven’t had the time to make anything out of it, I’ve just always found it enjoyable to capture something that I find aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy adventuring outdoors, but I hate bugs so that can be a bit conflicting sometimes. I also have a cat named Kitten, she is the best cat in the world, and I love her more than I love most people.

I have only ever travelled out of the United States to go to Costa Rica in high school with a Spanish class, and that was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Being able to experience different cultures has always been an interest of mine. I hope to study abroad before graduating from St. Cloud, and I have been learning German so I think it would be extremely cool to be able to study in their country.

I am so excited for this semester with Students United, If you have any other questions for me you can email me at



Kailyn Prein

Aly Hagglund