Strategic Plan: Process Improvements


Our strategic plan has five areas that our organization see as essential to our success and that also have room for growth: Advocacy, Alumni, Scholarship Programs, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Process Improvements. To better understand our plan and the work we will embark on over the next three years, we are breaking down each of the strategic plan areas into a series of blogs.


process improvements

Integrate student input and involvement into more areas of the organization.

Process improvements for the organization range from how students are involved with the issue campaign selection to making the most effective Delegates Assembly possible for students. Process improvements has the second highest number of objectives, as it spans into many areas of the organization's work.

  1. Have main issue campaigns for each year chosen by students.

  2. Students should have the opportunity, a minimum of three times an academic year, to

    develop, implement, and monitor strategies for approved motions.

  3. Increase subscriptions and social media follows by a minimum of 10% each year throughout

    the duration of the plan.

  4. Streamlining processes to create more effective Delegate Assemblies.

  5. Ensure all university campus committees have cohesive messages and material each year.

  6. Annual goal of a minimum of 10 engaged student volunteers on each campus committee.

  7. A student officer visits each university campus once a semester.

  8. Ensure the database is fully utilized and updated as needed through the duration of the


Our staff has already started working to ensure these objectives are met each year. These objectives are consistent with the overall goal of integrating student input and involvement into the organizations work whenever possible. 

Aly Hagglund