Strategic Plan: Equity, Inclusion & Diversity 


Our strategic plan has five areas that our organization see as essential to our success and that also have room for growth: Advocacy, Alumni, Scholarship Programs, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Process Improvements. To better understand our plan and the work we will embark on over the next three years, we are breaking down each of the strategic plan areas into a series of blogs.


equity, inclusion & diversity 

become a model on how to be a welcoming and inclusive organization.

Below are the objectives for our equity, inclusion and diversity goal areas.

  1. Hire a Director of Equity and Inclusion within the rst year of this plan’s implementation.
  2. Increase the number of filled Minnesota State council/committee student seats to 80% capacity. 

  3. Have a minimum of two internal meetings dedicated to analyzing the organization’s processes and policies and to build cultural awareness and make recommendations on measurable action steps.

  4. Create relationships with leaders in Diversity and Inclusion offices at all seven universities and at the system office.

  5. Ensure Students United events are inclusive for all students.

  6. Empower students to educate themselves and others. 

We are currently working to accomplish our first objective, as we are in the process of searching for a Director of Equity and Inclusion. The job description for this full-time staff position was passed at our May 2017 board meeting. The Director of Equity and Inclusion will lead our organization in ensuring all other objectives are also accomplished.

Aly Hagglund