Scholarship Applications Are Open!

written by | Carlee Diggins, Director of Development

The Students United Scholarships opened February 1st and we encourage all students to apply! Here is the run down with each scholarship we offer:

Penny State and Federal Fellowships

Have an awesome internship in the D.C. this summer? Or even with your local or state governments or nonprofits? For 30 years the Penny Program has helped many MN State College and University students with the financial opportunity to grow as public servants through participation in local, state or federal government internships. Federal fellowships are $5,000 and state fellowships are $2,500.

Penny Scholarship

Okay, so maybe you don't have a internship coming up but you are committed to community service and are a leader within your community. Then this is the scholarship for you! $1, 500 for MN State students who do great things within their communities on campus and off. 

Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship

Student leadership is the heart and soul of this scholarship. Jared Stene was a tremendous student leader on Winona State campus and led his peers in advocacy for public higher education and was able to make a lasting impact during the all too short time he had here with us. He passed away suddenly 10 years ago at the age of 22 old. This scholarship was created in partnership with the family and Students United. If you are in Winona, go to Mugby Junction and have a double shot mocha in honor of Jared while you apply for this scholarship. 

Hull Educational Foundation

Calling all St. Paul Public High School graduates! This scholarship is for you. If you attended any of the St. Paul area high schools and are currently at one of the MN State universities with a 2.5 gpa or above then apply. That is all I have to say. Apply. 

Friends Scholarship

The final stretch can be hard. We get it. This scholarship was created to help with the last part of the race. If you are in your last two years and struggling financially, this scholarship can help you significantly to graduate. 

Elizabeth Pegues Scholarship Matching Program for Students of Color

This is a matching program. If you have already received a scholarship from a  Minnesota-based civic, religious, fraternal, social or nonprofit youth-serving organization and you are a student of color this would be a great opportunity to match your money. 


Any questions or for more information please contact our Director of Development, Carlee Diggins, at