Believing in Mustangs: Meet Your SMSU Committee

written by | Doria Drost


One of the most important parts about advocating for students under the Students United platform, is being a united front. Our campus committee team has already formed a special bond that will aid us in improving student representation throughout this academic year.

Andreen D. Dawson.png

Andreen D. Dawson

Legislative Specialist

Why You Love Students United: “I want to be able to contribute to my community by making meaningful changes that will benefit students from all backgrounds.”

Campus Involvement: International Student Association, Enactus

Favorite Quote: “There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it”- Edith Wharton

Fun Fact: “I am very organized, but on average I lose my phone about three times per day”.

Doria Drost.png

Doria Drost

Public Relations Specialist      

Why You Love Students United: “Having a group advocate on behalf of students is so important and this group isn’t afraid to tackle large challenges.”

Campus Involvement: Forensics, Student Ambassador, Student Association Executive Board, HLC/Strategic Planning Committee, Cowan Award Committee, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, Theatre, Resident Assistant

Favorite Quote: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”-Karim Seddiki

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet faster backwards than forwards.

Muna Mohamed.png

Muna Mohamed

Issues Specialist

Why You Love Students United: “Just the message behind Students United is beautiful and powerful. Being able to be the voice of our classmates and stand by each other to help one another.”

Other Campus Clubs/Organizations You're In: MSA, Enactus, BSU, ASA, Senate, etc.

Favorite Quote: “Keep them good vibes, stay positive, love yourself, and ALWAYS spread love, One Love💙” Muna Mohamed

Fun Fact: I have one kidney.

Sandra Shimba.png

Sandra Shimba

Campus Coordinator

Why You Love Students United: “Through Students United I am able to meet and join forces with other students that are as passionate as me about advocating and changing our student experience for the better.”

Other Campus Clubs/Organizations You're In: Student Association, ISO

Favorite Quote: “You have to trust the process” Ryan Penneau

Fun Fact: I love travelling; I’m fluent in 4 languages including

French, English, Lingala, and Swahili.

Samuel Wreh.png

Samuel Wreh

Diversity Specialist

Why You Love Students United: “Before I was a member of Students United, I didn’t know students had a voice, and this group has given me the opportunity to let my voice be heard”

Other Campus Clubs/Organizations You're In: Student Association, BSU, ASA, Residence Life Diversity Programmer

Favorite Quote: “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people”-DMS

Fun Fact: I like eat fish and go fishing.

Abidemi Folorunso.png

Abidemi Folorunso

Issues Specialist

Why You Love Students United: “I love Students United because it advocates for the students”

Other Campus Clubs/Organizations You're In: African Student Association, International Student Organization, Black Student Union

Favorite Quote: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”-Hunter S. Thompson

Fun Fact: I love cooking


The Campus Committee from Southwest Minnesota State University has already made leeway on their campus. So far, they have held two tabling events for students to sign up as Action Team members; one tabling event for National Voter Registration Day; and a couple of Class Raps to spread awareness about their presence on campus. The committee has been working vigorously to plan events for the year and get students involved. There has already been a spike in traffic to their campus Facebook page, which has exceeded 10% growth in ‘likes’ and followers. Additionally, this year Students United at SMSU is joining the SMSU Student Association to walk in the 2018 SMSU Homecoming Parade. More campus events are yet to come.