Campus Feature || Meet our St. Cloud State Committee

written by | Sameen Shakya

Meet our Huskies: the SCSU campus committee

St. Cloud State University and Students United go together like Minnesota and Hot Dish. We are proud to be working for Students United and are excited to let you know who we are.


Rick Osbourne

Campus Organizing Coordinator

Major & Minor: Political Science & Business Management and Communication Studies

Students United is a great way to advocate on behalf of students to our Minnesota State system and the state and federal government. My goal this year is to continue to be voice for students and continue to work with all students on our campus and throughout all seven Minnesota State universities to make the college experience great for all students.


Mohamed Mohamud

Issue Specialist

Major & Minor: Social Studies/History & Human Relations.

My favorite part about Student United is the fact that we are involved in making students lives better on and off campus. We advocate for students and make sure their issues are part of the state dialogue.


Nicholas R Lengyel SSG/USA(r)

Legislative Specialist

Major: Double majors in Political Science and International Relations, Senior

My favorite part about Student United is that I have the opportunity to become a mouthpiece for my fellow SCSU students on issues that are very near and dear to them that would otherwise not be addressed. 


Surkhel Yousafzai

Issue Specialist

Major: Political Science + International Relations

I have always been interested in advocating and representing students across the board. Something that I am looking forward to while I work for Students United is to strive to make the Admission Application process of all 7 Minnesota Schools free from racial questions.


Prapti Niroula

Diversity Specialist

Major: Information Systems

Students United is a great platform to advocate for students on a statewide scale. I look forward to working with students all across the seven Minnesota State university to make education for all students seamless and hassle free.


Sameen Shakya

Public Relations Specialist

Major: Creative Writing

I am interested in Students United because it works with students all across the seven Minnesota State universities. I support advocacy for students and believe Students United is the perfect vehicle to do so. I am glad to be a part of it!

Aly Hagglund