#TextbookBroke : Textbook prices have an impact on students


Nearly 100 students from all seven Minnesota State universities participated in a textbook campaign to bring awareness to textbook. Here are some of the reasons our students are so passionate about finding solutions to the rising cost of textbooks. 

State Chair Faical Rayani

State Chair Faical Rayani

Vice Chair Lexi Byler

Vice Chair Lexi Byler


These three students spent $1,617 on textbooks. 

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Since 2006, the cost of a college textbook has increased by 73% -- or more than four times the rate of inflation. 


High textbook costs continue to deter students from purchasing their assigned materials despite concern for their grades. 


65% of students said that they had decided against buying a textbook because it was too expensive. 


94% of students who had foregone purchasing a textbook were concerned that doing so would hurt their grade in a course. 


85% of students had delayed or avoided altogether purchasing textbooks for their courses, with 91% of these students citing costs as the reason. 


82% of students felt they would do significantly better in a course if the textbook was available free online and buying a hard copy was optional.


High textbook costs can have a ripple effect on students' other academic decisions.

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