Vice Chair Feature | Get to know Krysta

written by | Krysta Sanders

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imaginationloom embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein

I wholeheartedly believe that we need to think outside the box to challenge the status quo to become our better selves not just for ourselves but for our fellow people!

The words of Einstein and my personal belief are what led me to join Students United. This last year I was afforded the opportunity to become part of Students United and instantly fell in love with everything about it, from the daily work being done on campus to the delegate meetings where I was introduced to like minded people. Their individual work as well as collaboration on creating policy changes fully opened my eyes to the power of students. As an outspoken person who believes that everyone's voice should be heard in a respectful manner led me to pursue the vice chair position. Being part of a nonprofit where I can be the voice of each student is a huge responsibility, one that I look forward to.

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Besides being passionate about bettering the world we live in I am passionate about science. Currently, I am in the process of receiving my Masters degree at Bemidji State University in biology with an emphasis in microbiology. My research is focused on finding a new bacteriophage for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria that is prevalent in hospital infections, cystic fibrous, and periodontal disease. Finding an alternative to antibiotics, which is what bacteiophages can provide, will be beneficial in negating the creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria aka “Super Bugs”. My ultimate goals is to become a dentist so fingers crossed!

On a more personal note I have done summer theater for the past 6 years. This summer I was in a musical called “Nunsensations: The Vegas Review” starring as sister Robert Anne. I have three cats (yes three); Eros, Dashes, and Káura. I love puzzles and board games. The latest is the star tribune cryptoquip because they are witty and a bit corny, which is the language I speak. I'm a person who loves to stay active and engaged.  Traveling and learning about other cultures is something that I will always strive for. I have visited seven countries so far and learned that travel leads to acceptance of others. I'm looking forward to working with the amazing students and staff this year to accomplish great things.