Meet our Government Relations Ben Ellgen

written by | Ben Ellgen


Hey everyone!

My name is Ben Ellgen and I looking forward to serving my fellow MinnState students as this year’s Students United Government Relations Intern. With our Advocacy Conference just around the corner, I am eager to jump in and get started!

I have had the great opportunity to previously be involved with Students United the last two years as a delegate from Winona State University, where I currently serve as the Treasurer of our Student Senate. I have participated within the Legislative Affairs Committee and its ongoing advocacy efforts. Outside of Students United and Student Senate, I enjoy spending my free time reading books and following the news.

As a third-year student studying public administration, political science, and history, I have seen how government policy may affect our lives for the better or for the worse. Encompassing important issues such as burgeoning tuition rates, textbook affordability, and legal protections for undocumented students, higher education policy has a direct impact on the future of students such as you and me. This is why I am excited to promote our legislative agendas and take steps to improve the quality of higher education on both the state and federal level.

I am honored to work with the Board of Directors, staff, and delegates to advance Students United’s mission and endeavor to “represent, inform, and advocate” on behalf of the 65,000+ MinnState university students.

Please feel free to reach out at bellgen@studentsunited.orgwith any questions or concerns regarding the government advocacy efforts of Students United!

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