Meet our Vice Chair Elijah Norris-Holliday

written by | Vice Chair Elijah Norris-Holliday


My name is Elijah Norris-Holliday. As an Alumni of Winona State University and longtime member of Students United, I know the problems that students face both from personal experience and through the work we do as an organization.

I first began this work as freshmen senator at Winona State.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew I wanted to make a difference. I quickly got involved with different Senate committees, ad-hoc committees, and all-university committees, so that I could hear what students, staff, and administrators had to say about the condition of our university and school system. My time serving on these committees and connecting with students inspired me to join Students United as a delegate.  As a delegate, I took every opportunity to make sure the constituents that I was representing had a voice at the table. I was able to accomplish great work by forming positive relationships with other delegations and officers. I emphasized finding common ground and constantly reminded my colleagues that we work for students, not ourselves.

After years of being a student delegate, I wanted to advance in the leadership of the organization of Students United. My ambitions inspired my campaign for treasurer. However, due to some family issues, I had no choice but to resign at the beginning of my term.  By some miracle, I was giving a chance to enter my bid for the Vice Chair position.  I took advantage of this opportunity, and the odds were in my favor. I was elected to serve as the new Vice Chair for the remainder of this year.

This position will allow me the opportunity to connect with students across the MinnState system, allowing me the opportunity to directly offer support and advocate for them in a larger capacity.  I am both humbled, and excited to have been chosen to be in this role. I have never been in the business of making promises, but I promise that I will give 110% to the students, staff and other officers that I support.

Aly Hagglund