Students United Scholarships -- Have you considered applying?

written by | Christina DeVries


This year an estimated three in five Minnesota State students will receive some sort of financial aid. While financial aid can help with the costs of a college education, it often is not enough to cover all college related expenses. Internships, a common part of higher education learning, are often unpaid. Life’s surprises – financial emergencies included- don’t just stop because you’re enrolled in classes full-time. 

Students United recognizes the high costs of tuition and looming student loan debt as issues that affects all students. To continue to support students and help offset some educational costs, Students United awards scholarships from six separate funds annually. Most scholarships are awarded to multiple winners. This year, we have an additional crowd funded one-time emergency grant, Fund the American Dream[ers]. Our scholarship portal is open from February 1st– April 1st11:59p.m. Applicants can apply for more than one scholarship. Please note, our portal only allows applicants to submit an application all at once. Applicants can take a look before applying here,

Interested in learning more about the scholarships? Here is a brief overview, please check the portal for full descriptions:

Penny Program Fellowship

This scholarship supports students (graduate or undergraduate) pursuing public service internships. $2,500 is awarded for a local internship and $5,000 is available for federal/national internships.

  • Minimum 2.5+ GPA

  • $2,500 or $5,000

  • Attending a Minnesota State school with one completed semester


Penny Program Scholarship

Are you a graduate or undergraduate committed to community service? You may be eligible for this award. 

  • $1,500

  • Minimum 2.5+ GPA

  • Attending a Minnesota State school with one completed semester 


Jared P Stene Student Leadership Scholarship (JPS)

Are you a leader in your community or on your campus? You may be eligible for this award. 

  • $2,000

  • Minimum 2.5+ GPA

  • Minnesota State undergraduate who has completed 24 credits by the end of this academic year 

  • Must plan to register for at least 12 credits at a Minnesota State University in the upcoming academic year


Friends Scholarship

Are you nearing the end of your degree path with a special financial need that may prohibit you from continuing? You may be eligible for this award.

  • $500

  • 30 completed credits by the end of the academic year

  • Exhibit a special or unique financial need that would prohibit you continuing your education 


Robert L. Carothers Distinguished Student Writers Award

Each state university will select one student who is interested in or excels in writing. If you are interested in this award, please contact your university or reach out to Christina DeVries, Director of Development, for university contact information.  

  • $500

  • Interested in or aptitude for writing 


Elizabeth Pegues Scholarship Matching Program for Students of Color

Are you a student of color who already has a scholarship and has been accepted into a Minnesota State University? You may be eligible for this scholarship that matches your current scholarship.

  • Matching up to $1,000

  • Graduate from a Minnesota high school or Minnesota community or technical college

  • Unconditionally accepted into one of the seven Minnesota State Universities

  • Student of color

  • Current recipient of a scholarship from a Minnesota-based civic, religious, fraternal, social or nonprofit youth serving organization


Hull Educational Foundation

Are you a graduate of a St. Paul High school seeking a four-year degree? You may be eligible for this scholarship.

  • $2,000 per semester/ $4,000 total 

  • Attending a Minnesota State University

  • Expectation of completing a four-year program leading to a degree

  • Must be a graduate of a public St. Paul High School

  • Eligibility for only two semesters of financial assistance 


Fund the American Dream[ers]

In 2018, Students United created an emergency fund for students whose financial situation has been adversely affected by recent immigration policy changes. Students United is committed to your privacy. We will not unnecessarily share applicant information within or outside of Students United. You will not be added to any email lists and the application review committee will not receive your name. If you have questions or concerns about privacy, please feel free to email or call Abeer Syedah at or 651-224-1518.

  • Up to $250

  • Minnesota State University student, enrolled full-or-part time

  • Able to demonstrate a financial need

  • Must have an impacted immigration status, including: lack of documentation, have/had Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), temporary status, deferred enforced departure terminated, or face a gap in immigration status

  • International students or current Student United Board of Directors are not eligible 

Aly Hagglund