Recognition Feature || Thank You President Gores

written by | Carlee Diggins, Executive Director


As the academic year comes to a close, we say farewell to Southwest Minnesota State University President Connie Gores. Students United wanted to take a moment to recognize the great work President Gores has done for our Minnesota State students.

Her unwavering humility and ability to just listen is character traits I strive to replicate in my own life and leadership style. - David Shittu, Students United Treasurer, SMSU student

President Gores started her tenure as SMSU President in 2013 and was the first woman to serve in the role. For Students United, she has sat on our Jared P. Stene Leadership Scholarship board. In her capacity on the board, she has help our organization grow the scholarship and award dozens of students scholarships for their leadership and work towards embettering their own universities.

President Gores is an inspirational leader who's wisdom has helped shape my leadership style. She truly cares about the welfare of the students and works tirelessly to ensure student success. - Ola Ambimbola, Students United Director, SMSU Student Body President

On behalf of Students United, thank you President Gores for serving the students of SMSU and mentoring so many of our Students United leaders.

President Gores and I began at SMSU the same fiscal year. The first time I met President Gores was when she came to talk to the football team at a fall camp practice in 2013. I few things that I remember her talking about were her commitment to putting students first, the importance of getting involved, and how she had a huge competitive spirit, so we could expect her to be at every game when she’s in town. There are few things, if any, that are more welcoming than a University President coming to speak to you, and letting you know that she supports you. What I admire most about President Gores though is that not once did she waver from her word. She always took the time and enjoyed interacting with students. She made sure to support various student groups around campus, especially those that are underrepresented, and when the Mustangs were set to compete, you could always count on her being there. I couldn’t have asked to work with a better President during my time as Student Body President, and her trueness and uplifting spirit will definitely be missed at SMSU. - Ashanti Payne, Former Students United Director, Former SMSU Student Body President

Aly Hagglund