First Board Meeting of 2019-2020 Recap

written by | Ola Abimbola


Students United held its first board meeting of the 2019-2020 academic year on Friday August 16th with all of the 7 state universities were presented. This meeting dueled as an onboarding for our directors to be trained on their fiduciary & legal obligations to Students United. Furthermore, our board set a road map through this meeting on how the 2019-2020 academic year will go, in terms of events, conferences, and our advocacy work.

In addition to this being the directors’ first board meeting, this was the first meeting I chaired. I often pinch myself about how far I have come over the past three years. My father used to say: “my son, make hay while the sun still shines.” Now that my hay is full and bountiful, what shall I be now? That is the question. Shall I be a leader who leads by example and brings fort passion, commitment and finesse, or rather one who duels in the glories of days past and wallows nonchalantly in the accolades of days present? Verily, I choose to be the prior rather than the latter. My first board meeting as Students United State Chair 2019-2020 has brought me to the realization about just how fervently I must adhere to this choice. The task at hand requires passion, commitment and finesse but also reacquires patience due to the momentous duties that we have been allotted as a board.

I am pleased to say that our board meeting was very productive as we were able to determine our organizational objectives this year and what direction we want to lead the organization this year. The objectives we decided to take on this year include: Food and Housing Insecurity, Environmental Sustainability (Carbon Commitment), Student Health Insurance, and Automatic Voter Registration. During this meeting, we also discussed fostering strong and continued collaboration with our 2 year college counterparts – Lead MN and our participation in the College Opportunity Campaign (geared toward college affordability) and Student Advisory Board. We also reviewed our financials and projected increase in revenue from grants and donations rather than sole dependence on student fees.

There are numerous challenges that my fellow students face every day including affordability, racism, health and wellness etc. Our board is fully committed to alleviating those challenges. I am undoubted confident that we will be successful in our duties on the verge of creating a conducive, affordable and wholesome college experience that is devoid of discrimination and robust in equity and inclusion for our fellow Minnesota State students. By and large, I am pleased with the direction that Students United is going this year and look forward to a successful year ahead. Let us keep the advocacy flag flying. Students! United!! Gooo State!!