Campus Feature || Meet this year's Mustangs


The academic year has started and we would like to introduce you all to the campus staff we have on each of our university campuses! First up is Southwest Minnesota State University, this is a group of five amazing students, many are student who have been a part of our organization in year’s past.

Adeyemi Adelakun.png

Adeyemi Adelakun

Campus Coordinator

Major: Master of Business Administration

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and playing soccer.

Favorite Movies: Fast and Furious

Why I joined Students United:

Students United is a platform that allows students make an impact in their schools and communities.

Laura Akissi Ilboudo.png

Laura Akissi Ilboudo

Objective Specialist

Major: Accounting 

Hobbies: Travel, Cook and Bake

Favorite Movie: The Lion King

Why I joined Students United:

I joined Students United because I believe that if we work together, we can make a different and to make the issues of all students on my campus heard at a higher level.

Ayemobuwa Victor.png

Ayemobuwa Victor

Equity and Inclusion Specialist

Major: Computer Science and Music

Hobbies: Painting and Muay Thai

Favorite Movies: James Bond 007

Why I joined Students United:

This quote by Helen Keller sums up my reason for joining Students United, “Alone I can do so little but together we can do so much.”

Jackye Alene Meba.png

Jackye Alene Meba

Legislative Specialist

Major: Corporate Finance

Hobbies: Reading new books

Favorite Movie: Equilibrium

Why I joined Students United:

My belief that nobody else but students know best the needs of their fellow students. They should therefore be the advocates for the improvement of the educational system.

Sulaimon Yussuf.png

Sulaimon Yussuf

Public Relation Specialist

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Playing Basketball, meeting new people and Learning new things

Favorite Movie: Fast and Furious

Why I joined Students United:

I joined Students United because it was presented to me as a place where students can voice out their opinions about the educational system advocate for improvement while also gaining certain skills in communicating with people.