National Voter Registration Day is over but there is still time to register

written by | Aly Hagglund; Director of Communications


Last week was National Voter Registration Day, and at Students United we care about getting our eligible student voters registered! So much so that a 2019-2020 organizational objective of the organization is Student Voter Registration. More specifically, “Students United is committed to making a comprehensive plan to register students to vote.”


So what did we do on National Voter Registration Day?

Our campus staff took initiative and got in front of students to help register their peers to vote! Many of the campuses tabled on campus, while some student staff went to classrooms and talked with students about the importance of registering to vote.

Our Impact

Bemidji: 75-100 students reached; 15 students registered

Mankato: ~80 students reached; 25 students registered

Metro: 60+ students reached; 28 students registered

Moorhead: 120+ students reached; 25 students registered

Southwest: 110+ students reached; 28 students registered

St. Cloud: 95 students reached; 13 students registered

Winona: 100+ students reached; 63 students registered

Total: ~650 students reached; 172 students registered


There is still time to register!

Go to if you are Minnesotan and get registered. If you need to register in a different state go to and register!