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Students United is proud to launch Fund the American Dream[ers] to respond to our students leaders’ desire to enact positive change in support of Minnesota State students who are impacted by changing immigration policies, specifically undocumented students. We are fundraising to provide modest emergency financial assistance to Minnesota State students whose finances have been adversely affected by recent immigration policy changes.

Drawing inspiration from higher education leaders like the University of Minnesota and University of California, this initiative was unanimously approved by the 2017-2018 Board of Directors and is in line with our stance that states “Students United supports all the state university students regardless of citizenship and/or documentation status. We believe all students are entitled to an equitable academic and student life experience with all its benefits. Students United will support University’s not releasing documentation status without court order. Students United will oppose any Minnesota State or University policy, and any local, state, or federal legislation that prohibits access to higher education on the basis of immigration status.”

With DACA in a difficult position and recent rescinding of other federal protected statuses like TPS, we recognize the financial burden this may place on already-struggling students. Students deserve to focus on being students. That is why Students United would like to assist Minnesota State students whose finances have been adversely impacted by these changing policies. Privately-funded “hardship grants,” also known as emergency financial assistance, are permitted for students enrolled in our Minnesota State institutions.

Donating to this fund will provide emergency financial assistance to students enrolled in any Minnesota State institution who are undocumented and not authorized to work, including students who previously had DACA or TPS. The grant may be used for rent, groceries, transportation, or other non-tuition finances. The application is now live!

We will be piloting this fund for one year. If, for any reason, the funds are not distributed in their entirety, we will redistribute the leftover money to our Friends scholarship.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our Director of Equity & Inclusion Abeer Syedah at asyedah@studentsunited.org!