FY20 Draft Budget

The Students United budget is set by our Board of Directors. However, the student delegates provide feedback to the budget. This year, our board is asking for feedback in a new way. Delegates will be taking a survey that will provide the board with data on how students feel about specific budget items that the board would like feedback on.

FY20 Budget Process-2 (dragged).png


Student Fees

Career Consortium

Fee Grant

Projection Individual Giving

Total revenue

Additional Projected Funds

FY20 Budget 











Employee Benefits

Retirement Contribution

Retirement Admin Fees

Payroll Tax

Personnel Total

General & Administrative

Accounting Service Fee  

Audit/Tax Preparation

Fee Bank Service

ChargesInvestment/Brokerage Admin Fees

Consultant Fees


Dues, Subscriptions, Memberships

Insurance- Property and Liability

Legal Fees

Office Supplies

Rent Expense

Officer and Staff Development

Student Collection Cost


General & Administrative Total:

Student Program

Officer Stipends

Payroll Tax

Campus Committee Wages

Office Interns

Campus Coordinators

Student Office Assistant

Student Program Total

Student Organizing

Alumni Activities Campus Committee

Conferences (3)

Campus Committee RetreatBoard/Intern Retreat, Board Meetings (3 to 4), Officer & Staff retreat and student mileage

Federal Advocacy

State Advocacy

Equity Initiatives


Partnership Support

Communications/Public Relations


Student Organizing Total:































. . $90,000.00










Students United employees a full-time professional staff. From the nonprofit perspective the personnel is split into where the staff’s time is spent, as you can see the pie chart above. 73% of the staff’s work goes directly towards student programming and organizing.


As Students United is a nonprofit with a full-time staff this includes the expenses it takes to run the nonprofit.


Student program is how Students United pays for its part-time student staff.


Student organizing is where Students United funds go towards directly funding activities, conference, initiatives, and advocacy for students.

Total Expenses

Annual Budgeted Revenue 




In addition to incoming revenue, Students United also has $527,124.69 in reserves and an expected $130,000 in the budget from underspending/saving in year’s past.