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Our Campus Committees organized debate viewing parties, poster campaigns, and tabled during lunch hours and in between classes. Our Campus Committees utilized social media sites, visited classes, and crisscrossed campus to connect with their fellow students. 

Not only are we are proud of our actual pledge and registration numbers, we are proud of the thousands and thousands of students we talked to about the importance of voting.


pledged over 5,000 students to vote. 

Our seven campus committees pledged 5,100 students to vote on Election Day. This allowed us to send two emails and one text reminder to students. The emails also disseminated voter information, such as how to find your polling place, and who will be on your ballot.

national voter registration day success.

Our Campus Committees helped contribute to the 73,400 people who registered online on 10/18 by organizing final day pre-registration events on campuses across the state.

over 1,500 students registered.

Our students also focused on registering students to vote. We registered 1,519 students. 

held over a dozen events.

Our committees held over a dozen nonpartisan events on their campuses, allowing a space for students to have discussions and also become informed about our electoral process.


photos from all seven universities

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Want more information about voting? Check out the Minnesota Secretary of State's website to learn more about registering to vote, Election Day information, etc.

What more information about what Students United is doing? Contact Justin Reuter at jreuter@studentsuninted.org