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There are a lot of different reasons I could give for why this is so important to me, but the main reason is that it keeps Jared alive in our hearts and in our minds. Not many people are fortunate enough to have such a legacy on behalf of their children who left way too early, but we are fortunate because Jared made such a mark the 22 years he was with us.
- Char Kanski (Jared's Mother)


You know a lot of times I get the question what would Jared be doing now, or what if he hadn't died at such an early age? And I think that's what this whole scholarship is about the what ifs and those questions are probably not ever going to be answered by Jared but they are going to be answered by people who get this scholarship who have stepped up to be leaders. That is what this scholarship is for. 
- Bruce Stene (Jared's Father)



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Give to the Max for Jared.

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This year on Give to the Max Day, we are focusing all our efforts on raising funds for the Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship. Jared's time with us was too short. Jared died in November 2007, ten years ago, from liver failure due to complications with Wilson's disease. He was 22 years old. Jared Paul Stene led his peers in advocacy for public higher education and was able to make a real and lasting impact during the all too short time he had here with us. In an effort to recognize Jared's leadership, Students United and Jared's family created a scholarship in Jared's name. 

The Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students attending Minnesota State universities who share Jared's leadership and passion for student advocacy. It is the goal of Students United and the scholarship committee that we are able to create an endowment for this scholarship program so that it, along with the spirit and purpose with which Jared lived, goes on forever. 

On Give to the Max Day we hope you will help us reach our goal of raising enough money to award a student a one-year full-tuition scholarship. 


Memories of Jared.

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