Minnesota state Committees

A way to have students' voices heard, is through having students serving on Minnesota State councils and committees. Minnesota State has four councils under Student and Academic Affairs: Technology, Student Affairs, Policy, and Academic Affairs Counsel. There are various workgroups and/or committees under each of these councils. Also, there are various committees that serve for other departments or areas within Minnesota State. To ensure students are heard by the system, we must ensure students are sitting at the table when issues and decisions are being discussed. We are searching for students who have a passion for representing their fellow students and improving higher education for all of Minnesota State students. 

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Those who are chosen to serve on a committee with receive a $150 stipend. Learn more about the available councils and committees below: 

academic & student affairs

Technology Council | This council advises and makes recommendations on academic technologies including instructional related tools, online learning technologies, instructional media delivery, library technologies, and other instructional academic technologies. 

technology council's workgroups:

  • Learning Environment Workgroup 
  • Next Gen Learning Environment Workgroup 

Student Affairs Council | This council focuses on student services such as advising, health services, diversity, financial aid, retention and recruitment, and issues students face while enrolled at their institution. [apply here]

Policy Council | This council develops system wide academic and student affairs policies and procedures. 

Academic Affairs Council | This council reviews issues related to undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning, including: development, accountability framework, student readiness and college transitions, career and technical education and preparation and workforce development, and inter-campus collaboration. 

academic affairs' committees:

  • Transfer Oversight Committee 
    • First meeting will be held on Friday, October 27th from 10am -2pm
  • Graduate Education Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Global Education 

additional committees

  • Enrollment Management Affinity Group 
  • Assessment for Course Placement 
  • Developmental Education Workgroup 
    • First meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 6, 10am-12pm
  • Transfer Pathways Coordinating Team 

Office of Equity and Inclusion

Student Diversity Taskforce


Project advisory group for tuition and fee policy review



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