advocacy conference proposals

Students United is planning its first ever Advocacy Conference, it’s aimed at being a two-day event with over 200 people in attendance consisting of multiple breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and trainings. We are seeking proposals from presenters to lead sessions on aspects of advocacy — leadership, higher education policy issue, effective advocacy, developing advocacy skills, etc. The goal is to find amazing presenters who can effectively communicate with university students and energize our students around their advocacy efforts. The conference will be held in the Twin Cities on February 23-24, 2019. You can apply below, or if you have any specific questions please email, Sarah Berns, at


Below are the questions that you will need to answer in the proposal.

  1. Session Title

  2. Session Description

  3. What content will be covered? Provide three learning objectives participants will walk away with after attending this session.

  4. Which conference track best describes your session? [Leadership, Higher Education Policy Issue, Effective Advocacy, Developing Advocacy Skills, Other]

  5. What level of prior knowledge is required for success in your session? The conference seeks all levels of learning although most accepted sessions will focus on general or intermediate levels.

    • Advanced Prior Knowledge: Attendees should have advanced knowledge of the subject area before arriving (this means presenters will not define all words; will not include basic information on the subject; and will answer basic questions after the end of the session

    • Intermediate Prior Knowledge: Attendees should have intermediate knowledge of the subject area before arriving (this means the presenters will define words, as requested, but will generally assume that attendees understand most concepts presented)

    • General Prior Knowledge: Attendees will not need significant prior knowledge of the subject area; this level would be good for beginners and anyone interested in the topic

  6. What is your preferred length of session? 45- 60- 75- minutes (Most sessions will be 45 minutes in length)

  7. What level of participant engagement are you envisioning? (Select 1 style of engagement)

    • Interactive Session – Sessions that incorporate modern and/or multiple presentation methods, including large and small group discussions, individual and group exercises and presentation.

    • "TED" Style Talk with Discussion – Sessions that incorporate a nontraditional presentation method such as a TED Talk, Pecha Kucha, Ignite, or other method followed by open discussion amongst the audience members and presenter.

    • Group Discussion – Facilitated discussions designed to give attendees a chance to dialogue about their viewpoints on a particular subject.

    • Panel Discussion – Focused on a particular topic, this type of session features a moderated panel of three knowledgeable persons who respond to predetermined list of questions as well as questions from the audience.

    • Formal Presentation – “Lecture-style” presentations featuring one or two knowledgeable presenters. Formal presentations should include ample time for audience questions, discussion and interaction.

  8. Please indicate which day(s) you are available to present.

  9. Room layout: In most cases, breakout rooms will be set theater style (chairs without tables) to ensure maximum capacity for conference attendees. We are also able to accommodate other room layouts. Please describe if you would like to request a different room layout and we will attempt to meet your need.

  10. Please include the full contact information for the session presenter who will be the contact during the planning process. First name, Last name, Title, Organization or company, Email address, City, State, Phone number.

  11. If you will have one or two co-presenters, please include their information below. Include each co-presenter's name, title and organization.

  12. Please include brief background information highlighting the presenter’s expertise on the topic and experience as a workshop presenter.