established in 1967, students united is an independent, non-profit organization funded and operated by students. students united serves over 65,000 students attending minnesota's seven state universities: bemidji, mankato, metropolitan (st. paul/minneapolis), moorhead, st. cloud, southwest (marshall) and winona.

students united has been a strong voice for state university students on the campus, system, state and federal levels for over 50 years. we are recognized by the minnesota state colleges and universities board of trustees as the sole representative of state university students in minnesota, and work on a variety of issues at several levels.


our objectives.

Our board has chosen to focus our advocacy work on four objectives for the year.

Student Voter Registration

Addressing Food & Housing Insecurity

International Student Healthcare

Carbon Commitment Signed by Each University

learn more about our objectives here



Led by Minnesota State University students, we are the inclusive voice for all future, current, and former students. We actively work to represent and support Minnesota State University students and advocate at a campus, state, and federal level for higher education policies that make a positive impact for our students and communities


Students United will be the inclusive voice for all future, current and former Minnesota State university students and will advocate for affordability and student success. We believe that students should lead the conversation on higher education because it affects our future


We organize, represent, and inform students from all seven Minnesota State Universities. We discuss challenges, goals, and students’ experiences on their campuses to better the future of higher education.


Represent: Always think and act in ways that support Minnesota State University Students.

Inform: Listen to students needs and broaden the resources to foster improvement.

Organize: Communicate with students and build relationships to have an effective impact.