Special Election for interim Vice Chair

We will be holding a special election, on Sunday, February 17th, for our vacant Vice Chair position.

Article 9: Vacancy, Recall and Removal - Section 2

In the event of a vacancy of the Vice Chair position, a special election will be held at the next Delegate Assembly, and a three-fifths vote is needed to elect a new Vice Chair. Should the Board of Directors meet prior to this meeting, the Board of Directors shall appoint an interim Vice Chair to serve until the election is completed.


The Vice Chair shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the State Chair in the State Chair’s absence or at the State Chair’s request.

  2. Attend all official functions of Students United.

  3. Perform any duties assigned by the Board of Directors and/orStateChair.

  4. Chair the Delegates Assembly.

  5. Attend at least one staff meeting monthly.

  6. Assist the State Chair, Board of Directors, and staff in planning, coordinating, and implementing all Students United regular and special events and programs.

  7. Serve as ex-officio Co-Chair of the Students United Alumni and Friends Association Board of Directors.

  8. Support Students United campus committees and organizing, including supporting Campus Organizing Coordinators, attending campus events as possible and serving as a resource for committee members and volunteers. 

  9. Assist staff in scheduling, coordinating, planning, and implementing state and federal lobby events.

  10. Ensure that a copy of the minutes of the Delegates Assembly meeting is sent to all members of each campus committee no fewer than 10 business days after the Delegates Assembly meeting.

  11. Chair the Internal Affairs Committee.

  12. Serve as Co-Chair of the Scholarship and Alumni Advisory Board.

How to Apply

Please email the following information to our Director of Operations, Kalista Mangahas, at kmangahas@studentsunited.org:

  1. Letter of Intent

  2. Phone Number - The committee will be giving you a call on Sunday, February 17th for a brief interview.