Led by Minnesota State University students, we are the inclusive voice for all future, current, and former students. We actively work to represent and support Minnesota State University students and advocate at a campus, state, and federal level for higher education policies that make a positive impact for our students and communities




Accepting Proposals for Advocacy Conference

Students United is planning its first ever Advocacy Conference, it’s aimed at being a two-day event with over 200 people in attendance consisting of multiple breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and trainings. We are seeking proposals from presenters to lead sessions on aspects of advocacy — leadership, higher education policy issue, effective advocacy, developing advocacy skills, etc. The goal is to find amazing presenters who can effectively communicate with university students and energize our students around their advocacy efforts. The conference will be held in the Twin Cities on February 23-24, 2019.

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We are proud to launch Fund the American Dream[ers] to respond to our student leaders’ desire to enact positive change in support of Minnesota State students who are impacted by changing immigration policies, specifically undocumented students. We are fundraising to provide modest emergency financial assistance to Minnesota State students whose finances have been adversely affected by recent immigration policy changes.



click here to donatE to one of our amazing scholarships or fellowships. These scholarships go towards improving a student's college experience and supplying them with options to more possibilities. 




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