10 Reasons Why our August Retreat was a Success!

1.  Students were able to learn more about what Students United is.

On day one of the Retreat, our Executive Director Elsbeth Howe gave an Introduction to Students United presentation for all the students. Then throughout the two days, students had more opportunities to ask questions and learn about Students United. 


2.  Metropolitan State University hosted us in their beautiful new Student Center.

We spent both days of the Retreat in Metro's new Student Center. We were very lucky to have such a great facility to host the Retreat at. 


3. We got to eat sugar cookies shaped like our new Students United logo!

Our Director of System and Government Relations Sarah Berns is an extremely talented baker and made these fabulous cookies for the Retreat.


4.  Our new Board of Directors were able to have their first in-person Board meeting.

On day one of the Retreat, the Board of Directors had their Board meeting. It was great to have our new Board members beginning their work!


5. We had Campus Recreation-Adventure Education Program from MSU Mankato come and lead us through a series of activities. 

Thanks to our State Chair Joe Wolf, we were able to have this group come and facilitate great team building exercises for both the students and staff.


6. Students came up with their Recipe for Success.

During our time with Campus Recreation-Adventure Education Program from MSU Mankato, students brainstormed words they saw as essential to our success this year.


7. Our new Campus Organizing Interns were able to learn about the issue campaigns they will be working on this coming academic year. 

Our new interns learned about all the issue campaigns, and had the opportunity to learn a lot about voter outreach, which is one of our issue campaigns in the upcoming year.


8. Students received voter outreach training from Wellstone Action and MN Secretary of State's office.

A big thank you to both our presenters! We are excited to see the work our students do in regards to voter outreach on their campuses after the training they received during the Retreat. 


9. Our students were able to get to know one another better before the academic year began.

As our Board members and interns come from all seven university campuses, this Retreat allowed the students to meet one another and share ideas before they go back to school and are spread across Minnesota. 


10. Our students are awesome!

Enough said.


This was our first ever Board and Intern Retreat that we've held in the summer. Thank you to all the students who came and made the Retreat such a success!