BSU's Campus Committee Reflects on Their Year

written by | Cailey Birchem

There are a lot of events we’ve done this year, but a few meant more to some of us than you might know.

Students United means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Whether you’re passionate about advocating, event planning, social media or politics — there is something for everyone.

Throughout the year, Bemidji State University’s committee has held over 10 events on campus, from a Halloween party to letter writing to representatives. Advocating for the students of Bemidji State and all Minnesota State university students has been a life changing experience for everyone who’s been a part of it.

Over the past week, we interviewed a few of the our Students United committee members, Mercideze, Sajil, and Mackenzie. Here’s what they had to say about their experience the past year: 

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Why does Students United matter to you? 

Merci: Students United matters to me because I think we are a critical voice when advocating on behalf of the 70,000 Minnesota State students. As a social work major, I value advocating and the effect it can have on others. As a part of Students United, it allows me to be an advocator.

Sajil: Students united matters to me because it has helped me in boosting my self-confidence. Student United has made it possible for me to see the various aspects of student’s life. If I would have not been involved in Students United, I would have never been able to experience the process of delegates and advocacy. As an international student, we are not exposed to so many important things and Students United has helped me in networking and boosting my self-confidence in experiencing those important things.

Mack: Students United matters to me because I am a voice of all of the students statewide and can help make important and impactful change. I get to advocate for what students want and make sure that change is occurring. 

Why would you encourage people to participate in Students United?

Merci: I would encourage people to participate in Students United because as one person, we are only so strong but as a group, we can make a large impact that can leave a lasting effect forever. Our voices as students are powerful and should be expressed and heard!

Sajil: We as a student should not be confined in the experiences of class and dorms/house, it is very important for us to get hands on experiences and know how the state system works. Students United is a perfect way of broadening our vision. We are able to meet students from across MN. An organization where you get to meet and know leaders will always help you in becoming a high performer.

Mack: I would encourage people to participate in Students United if you want to be a part of something great. This organization gives a lot of experience and allows connections to be made systemwide. If you have any passion or opinion of things that should be happening with higher education in the state of Minnesota, I highly encourage you to participate in Students United and help make a difference. 

During this year, we’ve done plenty of events and all were very important, BUT… which was your favorite? Why? 

Merci: My favorite event that I attended was Advocacy Day (I bet you were surprised by that answer) because I had the chance to connect with the people who have the power. I was able to express my concerns and they were very considerate and listened to my thoughts. It was a great experience to connect. 

Sajil: Among the events, I really enjoyed the Fifa Tournament. That was the moment where we were able to invite those students who are not very involved in campus organizations, we were able to show them what Students United is and what we do. We experienced a very strong unity in that tournament where nobody cared what race, cast, culture and country you were from, they were there for soccer and a good time.

Mack: My favorite event was the Fight for Funding and Climbing for Success. It was really great coming up with a creative idea and putting it in action. I really enjoyed getting to see students come to have fun, while also learning more about Students United.


Being a part of something bigger than yourself is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you’re a freshman, or a senior, there is time to have your voice be heard on campus and across the state.

Contact us through our Facebook page, Bemidji State Students United, or call Mercideze at (1)763.438.4611, if you’re interested in getting involved on the BSU campus.