Committee Highlight | MSU, Mankato Committee Members Reflect on Their Year

written by | Katelynn Ogunfolami


Being college students means that we, as students, are in a very strange phase of our lives. Learning to balance academics, personal life, and any other extracurriculars and responsibilities we have. It’s a time of our lives that can be challenging and impactful at the same time. Most people as they make their way through college get involved in things that they are drawn to. For me, one of those things was Students United. Students United has been an amazing opportunity for myself and for my fellow committee members. As the end of the school year, our time as committee members, and of course finals crept up on I wondered how each of us enjoyed our time with Students United. I posed this question to my committee members: “What did you like best about this year as a Students United Campus Committee Member?” Each of them had a great answer that captures how amazing being a part of Students United has been.

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Ellie Zimmer:

“My favorite part of this year was meeting people in our committee I would not have otherwise met. There are so many motivate and inspiring people who want to see change on our campus and the Minnesota state System that I got to work closely with all year long. They helped motivate me to realize that I can create change too and that I have the ability to make my ideas a reality.”

Jeremy- Loger Porter:

“As the Campus Organizing Intern, I was given the opportunity to supervise an unparalleled team of 5. We worked together to represent, organize, and influence higher education policies that benefit the students in which we serve. I loved that we were given the opportunity to lobby legislators, implement the Affirmative Consent policy on Minnesota State campuses, and come together three times a year for our delegate assemblies. My favorite part about this year isn't a specific event, time, or place. My favorite part was the team I was blessed to serve alongside. The relationships that were developed over this past year were something special and I've grown so much as a person through each and every one of them. As this year comes to a close, I find it extremely humbling and look forward to continuing these newfound friendships in the future.”

Emily Christensen:

“What I liked best about being a Students United Campus Committee Member was all of the diverse and wonderful individuals I got to work with and meet!"

Amal Mohamed:

“My favorite memory this year as a Students United Campus Committee Member is that, regardless of our personal views, we were still able to represent students to the best of our ability and make history together as a team! It was exciting attending Delegates for the first time and working alongside all the seven state universities for the same cause-- to make a difference!”

Katelynn Ogunfolami:

“Being a member of this year’s Students United Campus Committee for the Mankato campus has been an unexpected but incredible experience. Having the opportunity to speak on behalf of one of the seven state universities and be able to truly represent students like me has been an honor. Students United has done amazing work such as implementing the Affirmative Consent policy across the Minnesota State school system. It’s been an opportunity to lobby, meet with legislators, and help bring this Affirmative Consent policy to fruition. Not only that, but overall being on a committee with a solid group of people was amazing. Everyone has been so hardworking, and you can always feel the passion behind why we were all there. It’s been truly amazing to work with this group and I know we will all continue amazing work in our futures!”

Students United has been and continues to do amazing work. I and my teammates have enjoyed being a part of an organization that is passionate, driven, and determined about the work that they do. Having the opportunity to be a part of this work has helped make this year and our time on the committee so incredible. We can’t wait to see where Students United and it’s Mankato campus continue to go!



Aly Hagglund