Campus Staff Retreat || Let's Get Down to Advocating


Each fall we bring together our campus staff from all seven Minnesota State universities for a statewide Students United staff training.

On night one, the students were introduced to Students United as an organization and also to our team. Day two, was when the students were really able to lean into their new roles as coordinators and specialists. Student staff were able to learn about this year’s objectives, and overview the Student Platform. This was followed by the full-time staff explaining the year’s event calendar which was set the month prior by the Board of Directors.

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The events include a fall and spring conference that allows our board to have all of its committees meet and provide them with additional input on a range of topics. We will also host our 2nd Annual Advocacy Conference and hope to include another amazing lineup of speakers for students to listen to, engage with, and learn from. Finally our two largest advocacy events were discussed, Advocacy Day and the Federal DC Lobby trip. Both of these events provide opportunities for students to sit down face-to-face with policy influencers and lawmakers to discuss Students United’s state and federal legislative agendas [both agenda’s will be discussed at our fall conference in two of the board’s committees and the board meeting itself].

The students were then able to break into their specialist positions and meet with a corresponding full-time staff member about their specific role within the organization.

After the two-day retreat, the St. Paul staff was excited to have so many passionate student advocates joining the staff team and helping to advocate for Minnesota State university students across the state.

We still have a few openings left on our student staff team. To see the openings, click here.